Our Vision


Where there is no vision, the people perish. 

John F. Kennedy famously dreamed of putting a man on the moon. Eleanor Roosevelt had a vision of a world of equal opportunity for women and minorities. Nelson Mandela had a vision for the eradication of racism and for the establishment of a constitutional democracy in South Africa. Steve Jobs, one of the great visionaries of our time, was famous for saying, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

Undoubtedly, we are living in a world of accelerated change and the rate of change is increasing faster and faster …and catching up will only get harder, so it is becoming fundamental for individuals and businesses to stay (or become) nimble and able to adapt to an ever-changing environment. That’s why it is so vital that everyone becomes fluent in digital technologies even if your business may not be a technology company in the traditional sense and you are not the biggest fan of it, but sooner or later it will need it to compete in a global marketplace. Having a foundational understanding will be an integral part of your success and everyday existence.

We’ve already seen some incredible advancements across technology, healthcare, data, science, information, insight and computational capacity. Many of the developments we see today, like blockchains and artificial intelligence, are gaining traction and broader acceptance by consumers globally. That considered, the thing about real transformation is that it first happens little by little and then all at once and everywhere. We’re still in the little by little phase but I anticipate progress will compound in the coming years and we’ll see ubiquity of these technologies in 20 years’ time, if not sooner. Today’s consumers enormously value personalisation and customisation, and in most occasions, it is what makes them decide about the purchase. Businesses are competing to offer that high-touch experience anytime and anywhere available. It is fairly predictable that in the future, however, there will be limitless customisation able to anticipate customer needs delivering goods and services instantly and customers will be able to get what they want, when they want.

However, we believe that all is about the big picture. Everything we are doing, we should be doing with the big picture in our mind and focus on healthy and sustainable goals. We are on the face of the Earth for many reasons, but we all need the same three things to thrive: a good place to live – a community where we feel safe and at home, a purpose – having something meaningful to do and good people – building good relationships and respecting values.

We create our future every day… and we should not forget to embed the sustainability principles into our company and culture and thus lead a positive transformational change toward a regenerative, healthy and abundant world that works for everyone, not just for a few.


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